Quick Fanime 2017 Wrap-up!

Fanime is an annual four-day anime convention held during May at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California over Memorial Day weekend. I was there on Friday through Sunday with both current and old KSJS members and it was like a high school reunion, considering I haven’t returned since early 2001.

I arrived at the San Jose McEnery Convention around 11:30 and lined up to receive my badge and they have brought back line con so, line con is a term that people uses to go for convention who waits in line for really long time. Back in 2013, the register to pick up our badge and the line was really long like its goes outside of the Fairmont since the con under construction at times and you will see line con for guest of honor and special events.  I waited in line for an hour and met up with my friends. While I was standing in line, I played GrandBlue Fantasy to pass the time and conversed with people about cartoons and video games. The line started to move every two minutes until we reached the end to get our badges. I like how they handled each table and the system was very efficient. Every station had laptops to scan our QR code.

Once line-con was over, I mostly hung out at the convention center and chilled with people that I haven’t seen in months. I had to go back to KSJS for my radio show “Pixel Paradise” we did a month long show called “Road to Fanime” and this is before Fanime, we discussed who are the guests will be there and what is our plans that we are doing.

On Friday, I arrived at the con about 1:20 PM and walked to the front entrance and security was tight in order to check if people used badges from last year, which is what scammers try to do. Downstairs, most of the cosplayers gathered to take pictures and convene. I started to walk to E-gaming which was on the upper level and I saw a bunch of my friends. One side of the wall, there was a whole row of Smash 4, Melee,  party games and various of fighters next to a plethora of dancing games. I mostly hung out at the tabletop gaming section until 4 PM then zipped to the dealer room and browsed potential merchandise. The dealer hall filled up over 60+ vendors from books to shirts to blu-ray and vintage video games.

After I perused the dealer hall, the all-important artist alley came next. There were rows of booths far as the eye can see and my friend told me about a neat poster of “Cowboy Bebop” by Alexander Iaccarino. It was one dope poster, I have to say. I made my rounds at all the booths in the artist alley and saw fan art of Nier, Overwatch, Steven Universe and so on.  I was heading to get dinner and then I tried to line-up to the swap meet but I saw Romscout, who works at Twitch and a speedrunner and Chun, is a college buddy of mine since De Anza and works for Twitch

I skipped out of the swap meet to hang out with Chun for a while and he was cosplaying  Kazuma Satou from an anime called KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! We hung out at the main entrance of the con to see all the cosplayers. We bumped into our friends and we talked about ten minutes. I took pictures of people who were cosplaying and we decided to head back to the game room. That was day one for me.

The second day came around and I waited outside because there was a cosplay gathering to this visual novel “Fate” series and I talked to several cosplayers from the East Coast. Lisa is a cosplayer from the east coast who visit Norcal to visit her friends. She  told me that it was her first time in California and she liked the warm weather over here. She also told me she had friends that moved from East Coast to San Jose. She was cosplaying as Saber and I have see whole bunch of lancers, saber, castor, and so on. One of representatives from Aniplex who stopped by the gathering and he took a group picture of cosplayers to send to the main office as a show of dedication. Aniplex is bringing Fate Grand/order stateside in a couple weeks.

I went to another gathering for all Capcom games hosted by Mr. Timtastic and all of the major games showed up like cosplays from the Street Fighter, Mega Man, Versus, Resident Evil, Ace Attorney, Final Fight and Rival Schools series as well as 3rd party games. I am surprised there was no Monster Hunter. I then shimmied over to the dealer hall once more to buy my merchandise like No Game, No Life and Lunar 2.

Soon before I knew it, dinner time rolled around and we stopped at Peggy Sue’s and I had a chili dog and fries. My friends were pretty envious of my Cowboy Bebop poster.

We decided to check out 18+ game room and we played a game called “Skewered and Roasted” which lasted several rounds. In a nutshell, it’s definitely an XXX-rated version of Cards Against Humanity. Things got a bit spicy.

On Sunday, it was a relaxing day since I was in the gaming room and played Dynamite Deka (Dynamite Cop) and Pokken. Then I took a walk to get a snack at Gong-Cha to meet up with friends. We headed back to the gaming room and I watched my friend play Magic the Gathering. My friends from SoCal joined us and we mainly just chilled and listened to their boombox they had brought. It drew other guests to join the fun and really had a community feel.

It is a shame that I didn’t go to that many panels. Regardless, I had fun. Until the next con!


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