App Review: Miitomo


Miitomo is the first social app by the beloved game company Nintendo. When I first heard this news from last year in October, I got worried that it will tarnish the name but boy I was wrong when Nintendo teamed up with DeNA to make the app. This was not an iconic game from their library such as Mario or Zelda. Miitomo is a social app that fuses Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram into one. Here is my impression on this app and how it compared to other social media.

This was released in Japan on March 17, 2016, and worldwide on March 31, 2016, launching alongside their My Nintendo service. When you start the app they will ask you what is your Nintendo ID to log in. Once you have successfully logged on, you begin to make your Mii or avatar.  Your Mii/avatar has their own room where your friends can occasionally come in to ask questions.

The whole basis to answering these randomized questions from your friends to get coins so you can spend on outfits and keep on saving up for the ones you might like in the future. There’s a mini-game that will let you win special, exclusive costumes that you cannot buy in the Mii store. But you can try the mini game by using a game coupon or you could use the in-game currency which costs 500 coins.

Chatting it up with friends is the main source of interaction in Miitomo but there are silly various mechanics surrounding it and those are, in my opinion, more fun. There are countless ways to dress up your Mii. I tried on a futuristic look with the helmet, space suit with boots, and glasses from Star Trek. Cat ears, jewelry, and many other accessories can help you up your style game.

Many outfits don’t come free. You earn coins by using the app, checking in for daily gifts, and completing My Nintendo missions such as meeting a new friend or answering enough questions. But if you want to buy the most expensive outfits, you’ll need to pay real money for coins. One dollar pays out 1,000 coins, which isn’t a bad deal, considering that the Street Fighter X Tekken game charges that price for a handful of gems to use on characters, for example. In the Miitomo shop prices range from 300 coins for basic shoes to over 3,000 coins for a football uniform. I really like the pricing on some of clothes. Other in-game currency can be used as game tickets which I’ll further elaborate.

A pachinko mini-game which is the Japanese version of pinball can be accessed in this app,


 where your mii acts as a ball with three bumpers and there are four goals that each reward a special costume that you can’t buy in the store. Everyday on your first login, you will receive a login bonus that varies from coins, candy, and game tickets. The candy can help reveal one answer to your friend’s questions if you don’t get it the first time, and the last thing it is used for is the pachinko game. While the mini-games are fun, there aren’t many to choose from and as I can tell maybe they will add more choices in the future.

The best feature in this app is the Miiphoto of the day because every time you log in to this app you will see a picture with a funny comment below them. These pictures serve as camaraderie between fellow Miitomo users and helps build a relaxed community.  There are a lot of fan-made comics with anime poses which is why Miiphoto is my favorite part of this app. This feature alone can make Miitomo increasingly popular as it grows in popularity.

The bad side of this app is that you have to link to your Facebook or Twitter to add your friends on Miitomo. You can’t search for the name to add friends unlike other social media platforms so you have to know a mutual friend of the person you want to add. I can see why Nintendo have blocked the search bar to find friends for obvious privacy reasons.  It is also a chore to save up all of the coins to buy the outfits and it attempts to goad you into spending real money. Some of the prices are fairly high.

In conclusion, this app has received 3 million downloads within the first 24 hours. I really enjoy using it a lot even though I don’t log in feverishly every hour. I try to log on twice a day to see what are my friends are up to.  I can’t wait to see what is next for the Nintendo app and what they will be implementing next. I am hoping that don’t have to spend any money for extra content. As for the Nerd’s Tier official ranking, I rate it a solid B+ Tier.

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