Meet The Team!

We here at The Nerd’s Tier have one goal and that is to bring you, the viewers/readers, the nerdiest experience on the internet (or interwebz). From Japanese animes to American comics, from Street Fighter to Disgaea and LARPing to Fanmaid there are no boundaries we won’t dare to cross. We aim for mainstream as well as the underground and taboo. We got reviews, interviews, let’s-plays, original shows, and event coverage. When it comes to us, we don’t cut corners and we certainly don’t wall-hack. Hope you guys enjoy your stay! Make sure to like and follow us on FacebookTwitter, YouTube and Twitch (Streams coming soon)!

Meet the nerd crew and their specific super-powers! (or lack thereof)

Anthony Nguyen (CEO/Founder)

Hello readers! The name’s Anthony, but you can call me Ant or Zero Kirby and I’m the proverbial Charles Xavier of this gang. What makes me a proud nerd? I grew up with 90’s anime like Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, and Voltorn, but my passion as a late revolves around music and fighting games. The Disgaea and Kirby series are franchises I hold to my heart but I also dabble somewhat in rhythm games, even though I suck at them. I also love music (all types of genres), poetry and philosophy; and I’m trying to read more about Western and Eastern philosopher to get ideal in their way of life. Music is the biggest part of my life and I used to host “Pixel Paradise”. Thanks for visiting and I hope you’ll keep coming back! Make sure to follow me: @ZeroKirby


Vichet Khauv (Creative Director)

Hello viewers! Vichet is my name, but I’ll also answer to Nerdy Kupo. I produce all original and creative content and my approach is always like a “CHARGING STAR!” My geeky roots began with pseudo 90’s America-anime such as Pokemon, Digimon, and Yu-Gi-Oh, but lately it revolves around fighting games and tokusatsu (Primarily Kamen Rider). Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts are games I can’t live without, but a secret passion of mine is the nonsensical, no thought- process, button mashing game, Dynasty Warriors. I also love food and Dragon Ball Z, but I would pass up the chance of being a food critic or Super Saiyan any day, if it meant becoming a Kamen Rider and kicking my way for justice..



Allen Tran (Business/Correspondent)

What’s up, this is Allen aka Tragic representing The Nerd’s Tier, the voice you will hear in every news coverage. I’ve been nerd/geek my entire life. My passion is writing, designing and conceptualizing original stories and games (video and tabletop). I love anime, video games and tabletop games but importantly anything with a good story. This is Tragic and I’m signing out!



Man La (Editor-in-Chief)

Greetings readers and viewers! This is Bebop but I also go by Manny. I love nerd culture and I have been immersed in it since my wee days in the early 90’s. In addition to the classic animes such as Dragonball Z, Pokemon and Digimon, I’m a fiercely loyal fan of the Gundam series, particularly Gundam Wing and I will defend it to the tee! I’m also an avid gamer with a particular interest in RPGs (role-playing games), FPS (first-person shooters) and fighting games such as Street Fighter, Tekken and Smash Bros. Food makes up a huge part of my life and I’m also a part-time food blogger so make sure to check out my other site as well! Enjoy your stay and never fear to be part of The Nerd’s Tier! Follow me on Twitter too: @tntbebop


Melvin Rancap (Information Systems)

Konnichiwa fellow nerds! My name is Melvin but I go by Mel or my handle, iHeartSNSD. As my name suggests, I absolutely love everything about the K-Pop group SNSD and K-pop in general but I’m also an avid fan of K-dramas (Korean dramas) and their TV shows. Like most kids, I grew up with animes like DBZ but recently I’ve been delving into the American superhero universe such as Captain America, The Flash and The Arrow. I studied Computer Science but also minored in Japanese at SJSU. Now I use my skills to help bring this site to life and maintain it while bumping to the sound of Daft Punk. Follow me on Twitter: @iHeart_SNSD




Joseph Orduna (Business/Social Media Director)

Hey there viewers! I’m Joseph Orduna but you can call me Joey and I’m the social media director/content creator at The Nerd’s Tier. I’m a proud product of San Jose, CA. By day, I spin records on vinyl, listen to podcasts and play fighting games at my local arcade. Come challenge my Honda in SFIV! By night, I’m an On Air DJ at 90.5 KSJS. Find me on Twitter here: @YoungsterJoseph




Alaina Grimm (Editor/Staff Writer)

Ossu! My name is Alaina and I legitimately have more online monikers than real-life friends. I am a lazy twenty-something with an associate’s in English and a fear of student loan debt. Slightly alliteration obsessed and eerily enthusiastic about music, I am always eager to hear something new. Bass guitar is the instrument I dabble most in and find it gravely under-appreciated in many modern melodies. I am most commonly seen reading books or playing video games. I will edit for food. Follow me on Twitter @minamilamishka & on Instagram @game.ovaries




Kevin Manuel (Illustration/Graphic Design)

Illustration/Graphic DesignHello! My name is Kevin and I go by the handle “Habibanono”. Fighting games are my forte and I also play shooters at a serious level but in my downtime, I enjoy JRPGs. I tend to keep up with the latest Anime and as a hobby, I draw it as well. Waifus are my speciality! I don’t do furries and yaoi just to make things clear! In addition to doing illustrations, I also study Graphic Design at SJSU. Follow me at and Twitter. If you’re interested in my art you can follow me on and